Medicinal Benefits of Agarbatti

It is a common belief in India and in various parts of the world thatsmoke which is generated from burning of incense is filled with mystichealing power. Essential oils, resins, aromatic chemicals and gums areused for making traditional Indian incense, sometimes biotic materialssuch as barks, leaves, charcoal, seeds, roots and flowers are also used.One can choose from direct or indirect burning type or from masala andcharcoal type of incense and each of this incense has their ownmedicinal properties.

colorful incense sticks.

As a resultincense has long been used in healing practices like Ayurveda. Though itis not used in mainstream healthcare, its effectiveness is hard toundermine. As a result incense is widely used till date as an effectivemethod of treating different kinds of sicknesses. Certain incenses arequite well known for their medicinal properties.

Here is a video on how to light the incense sticks and enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Our Incense

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